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Are you experiencing the level of sales and success you desire from your business?  …. Probably not – Right? 

Do you want to know why?

What is the one problem that all businesses have? …… Lead Generation  … Getting a steady and unending stream of leads and sales … You know … getting personally referred to people all the time.

How many personal introductions or referrals do you give or receive each week now?

If you are like most, prospecting for leads and sales is not easy and it’s extremely time consuming.

Most of the offline methods, like newspapers, magazines, post cards, and more – just don’t work for the majority of people today.

And the online methods have become too expensive, and the leads you do get are not of the highest quality.

Unfortunately, a majority of networking groups do not provide enough leads to sustain your business — and we believe that networking groups should be a key strategy for you.

What if there was a way for you to never run out of providing and receiving qualified leads for your business? … A never ending stream of personal referrals?

What if the average amount of time spent managing your referrals, was only 15 minutes a week?

What if you could expand your market easily and inexpensively to a point that you are receiving 10, 20, even 30 or more personal referrals every week? … And giving much more than that, to your own referral network?

Here is an important point to consider …

You have friends, business contacts and clients in business. What if you were introduced to every person in business they know? — How many leads and sales would that create?

The Automated Referral Network is a revolutionary new system that will solve your lead generation problem. In fact, it works so well that you might eventually need to reduce the number of leads you receive each week, because you don’t have the time to follow up properly.

How does it work? Simple and Easy

You know the old adage:  For it is in giving that we receive. ?

You add your friends, business contacts and clients that own businesses to your personal referral network. Then they are referred to one another automatically – one per week. When you put in 50 contacts, that’s 25 personal introductions you’re providing each week to your contacts.

It’s been proven, thus far, that over 10 percent of your contacts will be, or become members of the Automated Referral Network.

When your new members add their contacts and clients to their personal referral network, you’ll be automatically added also. After they write your personal introduction, you’re now being referred to their personal network —- and the contacts you are referred to, are automatically added to your network so now, your contacts in your personal network will be connected to them.  And — if they happen to be a member – or become a member – you just added another weekly personal referral to your business.

A quick example of what we are talking about …

Let’s take those 50 contacts you added, and 5 of your contacts become members. At a minimum, you’ll be receiving 5 personal referrals each week thereafter. Let’s say those 5 new members you are receiving referrals from, add 50 contacts to their network. That is 250 referrals you will be receiving over the next few months. — And, of those 250, 25 become members. If you are added to their networks, you are now receiving 30 personal introductions each week. It doesn’t end.

How many personal introductions or referrals did you say you are giving and receiving per week now?

When your lead generation is working automatically for you … and those leads are personal referral introductions from people you have met … and they have written a personal introduction about you to their contacts … and you only spend about 15 minutes a week managing your personal network … you will achieve the success you desire.

We are creating a revolution in lead generation, with a never-ending source of providing and receiving personal introductions. Are your current methods providing this?

Do you understand the power that our system will provide for you and your friend’s businesses?

The Automated Referral Network is the ONLY lead generation system of its’ kind.

It’s simple to work — and it will work for you.

Are you ready to succeed and achieve unparalleled results?

Get started today!!!

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