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We have exciting news that will help you achieve more success with us. We have implemented an auto-reply for members. When you get referred to someone, you have 24 hours to answer the referral for yourself — and turn off the auto-reply in Referrals Received page ….. or you can choose to not do anything and an auto-reply will be send in your name to the person you were referred to.

In your Personal Settings page, near the bottom, we have added an Auto-Reply Builder — similar to the personal referral message builder used when you add a new contact.

Please log in and review this and create your own custom auto-reply message that will be sent out 24 hours after the referrals go out on Tuesday mornings.

Note: if you do not want to connect to the person, you can simply choose to “cancel” auto-reply, then go to Your Contacts, and choose to block them if you want.

Auto Text Messaging

With every referral that goes out on Tuesday mornings, we have added an automated text message to each recipient to tell them they have received a referral from you and to check their spam folder, just in case they didn’t see it.

This goes out within 2 hours of the referrals.

This will also run within 10 minutes when you use the Manual Referral also.

It is our hope that this added functionality will encourage more connections and no one will miss any referrals, as we do not have control over email systems sending emails into spam at times.

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